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Eastern Himalaya is the land of blue mountains, green valleys and meandering rivers. It has a huge potential of natural beauty, flora, fauna and a rich cultural heritage. The combination of all these things made North East Himalaya the most beautiful adventure and eco-tourism destination. Crowned with majestic Kanchandzonga, it offers some breath taking views.
Eastern Himalaya is a perfect place for the tourists who want to get rid of their hectic daily life and relax himself in a natural surrounding. A traditional hospitality is an added attraction for any tourist in North Eastern Himalaya.


Region Highlights

Snow capped mountains: Eastern Himalaya is the home to many high rise mountains. Mt. Kanchandzonga (8,583 mt), the third highest peak on the world is situated at Sikkim border. Kabru, Pabdim, Rthong, Simvo, Kunbhakarna are other important peaks of North East Himalaya, all range above 6,000 mt.

Lakes & Rivers: Eastern Himalaya is famous for its beautiful lakes & meandering rivers. Tsomgo, Gurudongmar, Khechipelri are some of the important lakes, offers beautiful views along with religious values. Tista, Rangit, Torsha, Jaldhaka are some oh the important rivers of North East Himalaya.